Into the Light

Believe it or not, I've gone from being ashamed of being a victim of childhood sexual abuse, to being grateful to be included among the survivors of such a past. The survivors that I know are amazing, compassionate, intelligent people. I'm thankful to call them my friends. I'm thankful for the many people who are willing to come forward and simply say, "I, too, am a survivor", and in so doing, give more people courage to move from being victims to survivors as well. 

One of the organizations that have been created by survivors is The Power of One. Preston Jensen and Miss Utah 2013, Ciera Pekarcik, will be sharing their personal experiences with childhood sexual abuse, and law enforcement will share their experiences on how you can prevent child abuse, and how to handle it if you feel it may have occurred. If you have never experienced sexual abuse, I encourage you to attend this evening and learn what you need to know to prevent it from happening to those you love. If you have experienced it, or know someone who has, then I really encourage you to attend this event, or other similar events in your area. 

Part of moving from victim to survivor is reaching out to others who understand what you have been through, and who can help you see the path through the shame and back out into the sunlight. If you, or anyone you know, has been a victim of childhood sexual abuse, I encourage you to reach out to other survivors. Me, Preston, Ciera, or the many other organizations that are here to help you. And then, when you have made your way to the light, you will be able to reach out to help others.

Click HERE to get the details on The Power of One on April 23rd in Kaysville, UT.

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