Today's Headlines 12/20/14

Miami-Dade School Board Sued After Teacher Had Sex With Teen

"The teen's lawyer said the district should have heeded the warning signs years ago. He claims the school received complaints about the teacher but still allowed Jansen to teach unsupervised."

More and more, districts will find themselves at the other end of a lawsuit until we finally begin to take cases of sexual abuse seriously.




Jacksonville teacher accused of sex abuse with student

JACKSONVILLE — A rehabilitation and mobility instructor at the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired was arrested Thursday on a charge of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving a student at the school.


Former teacher changes plea in sexual assault case

HONOLULU (AP) — A former Honolulu girls' school teacher has pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assault.

Sexual assault charges against former teacher leads to calls from police for other possible victims

POLICE are urging anyone with information about ­alleged indecent assaults of male school students at a Catholic college at Manly in the early 1970s to come forward, even if anonymously.

Paedophile Hutchins teacher Lyndon Hickman moved into public system, witness tells Royal Commission

"A witness has come forward with evidence a paedophile teacher...moved from Hobart's private school sector to the public system.

"Pass the Trash"...a most dangerous game.


High school teacher charged for sexual intercourse with student - SCC Child Abuse Squad

Some predators find 17 year olds they can groom until they turn 18, believing their sexual contact will then be legal. It is important to outlaw sexual behavior between educators and students, regardless of age.



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