This Weekend's Headlines 12/8/14

Nine More MCPS Students Say Former Teacher Abused Them at School

"Police are investigating why the 2004 allegation of abuse by Jose Pineda on a student allegedly reported to the school principal at Forest Oak Middle School was never reported to police."  I would like to know the same...


Maryland Substitute Teacher Charged with Sex Abuse

Former Wheatley Park assistant headteacher Roger Kerr jailed for sex abuse

Former Kansas Teacher to be Released in Child Sex Case

I hope this man has truly changed.  But let's not take any chances by putting him back in the school system. Think it doesn't happen?  Think again...

Child abuse charges: Former APS teacher faces judge

This teacher has been allowed to leave the state.  Is there anything stopping him from teaching in your school?  No...not really.

Sex abuse trial less likely for ex-Winnetka teacher, 94

"Another man who asserts Bricker molested him during a Boy Scout camping trip in 1968 — a claim that Winnetka District 36 documents show was brought to the attention of school officials at the time."  School officials must routinely turn over evidence to police when it is produced.  How many children could have been spared had this school taken these claims seriously 46 years ago?

Waverly woman accused of child abuse pleads not guilty

This woman, convicted of a felony, preyed on children in her dance studio.  Perhaps it's a good idea to stay and watch the little ones dance, rather than running a few errands during that hour...


Gavin Teachers Accused of Not Reporting Sex Abuse Plead Not Guilty

It is imperative that teachers feel comfortable reporting suspicions of inappropriate behavior with administrators, who then need to allow law enforcement authorities to investigate.  Schools can set up ways for reports to be made anonymously.  But the only way for a teacher to remain "safe and not sorry" is to report any suspicions.  It may turn out to be nothing...and if it does...great.  But you just may help save a child from a lifetime of shame.



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