This Weekend's Headlines 12/15/14

Pottstown schools: New laws require more background checks for teachers, volunteers

Pennsylvania has passed strict laws to prevent schools from "Passing the Trash" from district to district and it goes into effect this month.

"POTTSTOWN >> Volunteers and parents who want to participate in school activities will need to have police background checks beforehand as the result of new laws passed in Harrisburg this year.

Also, the laws will increase the frequency teachers and other educators will need updated background checks and also require school districts to reveal when an educator has left their employ as the result of accusations of misconduct." 


Their encounters included the teacher’s home, a park and a church parking lot. More on this story here.
The teacher, David Chadwick, was allowed to move quietly from the school's rural campus near New Hope and resume teaching elsewhere. The girl left the school, too. And when her parents asked for their deposit back for the next academic year, Solebury refused.

Two years passed before the teenager and her mother contacted Solebury Township police, and Chadwick was arrested. He was later convicted and jailed.


Ex-Winnetka teacher accused of abuse worked longer than previously reported
He was allowed to continue working with young students for at least five more years, even though district and police records show that school officials had been alerted multiple times since 1968 to claims that he had sexually abused or otherwise had inappropriate physical contact with children.
Last week, former and current school officials declined to comment on a handwritten note found within the documents that states: "Could have 100 children abused."

Former teacher accused of sexual abuse takes the stand in trial

Sergio Bezerra is charged with four counts of indecency with a child by contact. He's accused of sexually abusing two children in class and during piano lessons as a Spanish teacher at the Waco Baptist Academy in 2007. 


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