Testimony of a Citizen in Piute County, UT

This person asked to remain anonymous because they still have children in the schools there and are afraid of repercussions.

There are two situations in our county that I am aware of concerning teachers who have been allowed to continue teaching, despite sexual conduct with students.

#1  The first one was a teacher who eventually ended up in Prison.

A seventh grade girl from our town was in the PE class of a male teacher who was having inappropriate conversation and physical contact with the girl.  After some time her parents found out about it and approached the Principal.   As I understand it the parents were told that they didn't know what they were getting into and should keep their mouths shut.  The Male PE teacher was the son-in-law of one of the board members.   The Principal took no action on the accusation and the Parents ended up moving to Logandale, NV primarily to get their children out of harms way.   This teacher went on to have relations with several girls including drinking parties at his home when his wife was working night shifts.   Several years later one of the girls whom he had established a relationship with made all of it public when he wouldn't leave his wife to marry her.   Sadly I believe there were far too many victims…more than if there had been a zero tolerance policy and investigation.  He was prosecuted and sits in the state prison in Gunnison.   Even after being charged, the teacher bailed out and the principal involved helped him with a place to stay and rumor is that he paid his bail money.

#2   We have another teacher who was ask to leave the district due to inappropriate conversations and possible relations with girls in the school.  Unfortunately, instead of a full investigation he was allowed to resign and find another job so that he wouldn't lose his retirement.  He currently drives 70 miles to teach school in another district.  I'm guessing the other district doesn't have a clue as to why he was asked to leave.

Over the years our school has also hired a few teachers who later we found out were asked to leave other districts due to similar incidents.   It's unfortunate that districts would kick the can down the road versus address the issues and deal with the controversy.   I believe it is commonplace in small communities to handle these cases in this manner due to the small, close-knit situation of extremely small districts.

Somehow when a teacher leaves a district the hiring district needs to know under what circumstances they left and the departing district needs to be held liable for not fully disclosing if there were any issues.  

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