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There is no greater job than to teach children.  And all of us are indebted to the many teachers who mentored, taught, and guided us through our growing up years.  Unfortunately, those few who would violate our Most Sacred Trust, make parents question, "who can I trust?"  This isn't fair to our wonderful teachers, who sacrifice so much for their students.  Not only do students deserve a safe environment, but teachers deserve an atmosphere where they can be trusted.  So what can we do? A LOT.

FIRST-The first thing you can do to protect children is to SPEAK UP!  When something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right.  In my case, many people looked the other way.  Other teachers, roommates, principals and even the state licensing board. Be determined that you will not be found among the silent.  Yes...you may stand alone.  Yes...you may even be ridiculed by those who refuse to believe that even the "greatest" teachers can also be child molesters.

SECOND-Encourage your school district to put up a good fence.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Good fences make good neighbors"?  In the case of protecting our children from sexual predators it is especially true.  We want our children to have meaningful experiences with the excellent teachers in our schools and that is very possible, if we will just raise the fences that protect both students and teachers from inappropriate activities.

Our desire is to educate children, parents, teachers, administrators and legislators how to build safe and effective fences that will allow our students to have the very best education, without placing them in harms way.

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