Does abuse really happen in my town?

I am always amazed when I run into someone who believes that sexual abuse is a pretty rare problem.  I'm sure my viewpoint has been shaped by my own experience in the dark world of the abused.  Not only do I have my own experiences as proof that this is indeed a current problem, but I have people who come out everyday and share with me their own stories, or the experiences of someone they love.  

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My Story - by Rebecca Ivory

My name is Rebecca Ivory and I am a survivor of abuse at the hands of a teacher that lasted for four years, until I finally had the courage to make it stop. 

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Stalker Teaching 3rd Grade

-Name of Victim Withheld

Right now there is a teacher in Tooele, UT teaching the third grade.  She began this job only a few months after serving 10 days in jail for a Class A Misdemeanor conviction for stalking.  I was her victim.  This crime was initially a felony charge, but I agreed to allow them to lower the charge to a Class A Misdemeanor with the assurance that she would not be allowed to teach in the state of Utah, especially during her 2 year probation period. Turns out, we should have left the charge a felony.

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A Student in West Jordan Speaks Out

Recently, I was contacted by a student at our local high school, who had recently heard of the story of my abuse and felt I would be someone safe to talk to…to get some advise.  She hoped that perhaps I might be one person in her life who would understand what she is going through.  Unfortunately, I did. 

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Testimony of a Citizen in Piute County, UT

This person asked to remain anonymous because they still have children in the schools there and are afraid of repercussions.

There are two situations in our county that I am aware of concerning teachers who have been allowed to continue teaching, despite sexual conduct with students.

#1  The first one was a teacher who eventually ended up in Prison.

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Jr. High Sexual Harrassment

I just read your post on the abuse you endured at the hands of a teacher. My oldest daughter had a terrible experience when we first lived in this area at the hands of a middle school teacher, was in front of the class. 

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