Stalker Teaching 3rd Grade

-Name of Victim Withheld

Right now there is a teacher in Tooele, UT teaching the third grade.  She began this job only a few months after serving 10 days in jail for a Class A Misdemeanor conviction for stalking.  I was her victim.  This crime was initially a felony charge, but I agreed to allow them to lower the charge to a Class A Misdemeanor with the assurance that she would not be allowed to teach in the state of Utah, especially during her 2 year probation period. Turns out, we should have left the charge a felony.

When the licensing board was questioned as to their decision to give this person a license to teach, a representative of the licensing board claimed that they had spoken with the victim, which they knew was untrue.  Not only had no one contacted me, they didn’t even know my name.  When witnesses to this case came forward and presented the shocking evidence to the licensing board and asked them to re-open the case, they refused, citing a fear of being sued by this teacher. 

This woman stalked me for approximately 3 months, using a calculated plan to terrorize me into believing that a perverted male, intent on sexually assaulting and exploiting me, was watching my every move.  

  • She posted a prostitution ad on Craig’s List with pictures of me taken from Facebook and my phone number and ran it for months. 
  • She left sexually explicit letters with pictures on my doorstep. 
  • She had random pizza orders sent to my apartment in my name so that I would know that this stalker knew my personal cell phone number and exactly where I lived.
  • She had pornographic materials mailed to my apartment with the name of my work, in addition to my personal name and address, so that I would realize that this stalker knew not only my full name, personal cell phone number, address, AND where I worked - in short, everything about me, and where I would be at every moment of the day.
  • She vandalized my white car, writing sexually explicit slurs all over it in red paint, and left a disgusting sexual note with a condom. 
  • She fraudulently opened TWO internet accounts in my name in order to pull off her stalking.

She tried telling the court that this was just a fallout between two roommates that got out of control.  But even she cannot name anything that I did to her.  My only “crime” was being her boyfriend’s previous girlfriend. The court did not buy it and neither should the state licensing board.

In March of 2014, this teacher was sentenced to 365 days in jail with all but 355 days suspended, assigned a $300 fine and restitution of $150, NO CONTACT with me, and a TWO YEAR probation.  

This teacher was able to manipulate the legal system to get her probation terminated early.  Why?  Because she had a teaching job lined up.  The fact that her probation was cut from TWO YEARS to TWO MONTHS in order for her to get the privilege of teaching children means that our legal and educational systems will bend over backwards to accommodate the criminal at the expense of the victim.  No doubt, the parents of these third graders would be horrified to see the pictures of all the crimes this teacher did less than one year ago.

I believe people can change and I truly hope that this young woman does.  But she has not even had time to show that she is no longer a danger to me or anyone else in our society.  I hope and pray that the licensing board will take the time to look at both sides of these stories, and do their job of protecting the children of Utah. 


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