National Legislation

HR3766, Also known as the Jeremy Bell Act, is working to establish federal law stopping the practice known as "Passing the Trash", wherein offenders are allowed to move from place to place.

This bill is co-sponsored by U.S. Reps. FitzpatrickMeehanDentPlatts, and McKinley

It covers:

  • Prohibit employers from facilitating the employment in another state of an employee known to be a child sex offender
  • Require private and public school employees to undergo a fingerprint background check pursuant to the Adam Walsh Act
  • Require information regarding sexual conduct between school employees and minors to be turned over to law enforcement
  • Require all schools to submit information on employment terminations involving allegations of sexual conduct with a minor into a national clearinghouse that can be accessed by schools in other states

CLICK HERE TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD THE BILL.   Check on the status of the bill here.

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