Jr. High Sexual Harrassment

I just read your post on the abuse you endured at the hands of a teacher. My oldest daughter had a terrible experience when we first lived in this area at the hands of a middle school teacher, and...it was in front of the class. 

It was her first day at the new school and the teacher was going over the dress code. In discussing bare midriffs, he called the new student to the front of the class and raised her shirt up so the bottom seam was at the bottom of her bra to prove his point.

We were new in town and my wife prevented me from going to the school and beating him, but that's what I wanted to do. He was relieved of his responsibilities later that year when it came to light that he was teaching while under the influence of drugs, so I felt somewhat vindicated,but the fact remains that he should have been removed for many other things before the drug abuse came to light.

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