It's Never "Just One"

Not many years ago, I was one of those people who happily kept her head in the sand when it came to politics. I didn't understand it, and frankly...didn't want to. It just seemed like a lot of people who had control over me and my community and there was nothing I could do about it. I had no idea how the process worked and felt better just generally staying out of that realm. Then I married Ken. Little did I know what I was in for. Ken is never afraid to get involved and knows that one person really can make a difference. And even if he couldn't, he'd rather die trying than to sit back and watch our country go downhill. 

For a few years, I was content to just be his support staff. I answered emails and kept the home running while he was away. But with this last session, I have found my own voice as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and I am learning that one person really can change the world for the better. But the reason that one person can do it is because they don't do it alone. One person talks to another person, and soon you have a companionship. Those two people speak to two more, and soon you have a team. That team educates those around them, and soon you have a gathering. That gathering can influence the decision makers, and those decision makers make decisions that affect everyone in the state...everyday. Now, can you imagine what would happen if every state chose to band together to protect our children? We could literally change a nation. And that's just a jump away from changing the world.

Yes, it's never just one who changes the world. But it does start with only one. One survivor standing up. One loved one refusing to stay silent any longer. One educator who decides to make a report about their concerns with a colleague, and teaching safe boundaries to their students. One student brave enough to say that something isn't right. 

I have chosen to be one who stands up. And it is an absolute blessing in my life to have banded together with many other "ones" who are also ready to stand. And I invite you to stand with us. Whether you are a survivor, a loved one of a survivor, or just a person committed to protecting children and restoring trust in the teaching profession...stand. We will stand with you and you will never have to be "just one" again.

For a final update on the Utah bills, click HERE.

For a final update on the Utah bills, click HERE.

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