Utah Legislation

HB175 Public Education Employment Amendments - (Rep. Kraig Powell)

  • This bill was brought before the House this year out of frustration over last year's HB345 as the Human Resource departments of our school districts found that unintended consequences of this bill made it impossible for them to do their job. Through collaboration on the parts of the Human Resource Association, A Most Sacred Trust, the Utah State Board of Education, The Utah Education Association, and other survivors and interested parties, we were able to make change to HB345 that make it a much better bill. 
  • If this bill passes, it will:
    • Help HR departments get the necessary information from potential employees that will help determine their suitability for teaching and working with children. 
    • Require all public schools to have potential adults that will have significant unsupervised time with students to sign a waiver stating that they have had no incidents of inappropriate conduct with children, and allow the potential employer to receive all information from previous qualifying employers related to sexual misconduct concerning children. 

So far, this bill has passed through the House Committee and is on the House 3rd Reading Calendar. Please contact House members and urge your support of this important bill.


HB279 Statute of Limitations Reform Amendments - (Rep. Ken Ivory)

  • Last year's HB277 removed the statute of limitations for all victims of childhood sexual abuse for those whose statutes had not yet run out. That means that anyone who was age 22 or less by the bill's signing on March 23, 2015, now have the time they need to bring their civil claims to court. This was a crucial bill, but still leaves all those victims who were 22 years old and one day or older on that date without any ability to seek redress against their abuser. 
  • If this bill passes, it will allow those whose civil statutes of limitations had run as of March 23, 2015, to now have a window of opportunity to bring about their civil claims against their abusers. This is important to not only allow victims financial retribution to help with the tremendous financial burdens that are placed upon victims (ongoing physical and mental health issue, loss of work, damages, etc.) but is absolutely necessary in order to allow survivors the ability to go to court and name their abuser, allowing society to know who the abusers among us are, and protect the children of Utah from ongoing abuse.

So far, this bill has passed the House Floor and has now been sent to the Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee. Please contact committee members and urge your support of this important bill.

In Other States

 These bills are bills that have passed, or are working their way through the legislative process in states other than Utah.  It is a work in progress and we would love to have you share any additional pertinent information with MostSacredTrust@gmail.com

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National Legislation

HR3766, Also known as the Jeremy Bell Act, is working to establish federal law stopping the practice known as "Passing the Trash", wherein offenders are allowed to move from place to place.

This bill is co-sponsored by U.S. Reps. FitzpatrickMeehanDentPlatts, and McKinley

It covers:

  • Prohibit employers from facilitating the employment in another state of an employee known to be a child sex offender
  • Require private and public school employees to undergo a fingerprint background check pursuant to the Adam Walsh Act
  • Require information regarding sexual conduct between school employees and minors to be turned over to law enforcement
  • Require all schools to submit information on employment terminations involving allegations of sexual conduct with a minor into a national clearinghouse that can be accessed by schools in other states

CLICK HERE TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD THE BILL.   Check on the status of the bill here.

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