In the News 2/4/15

Melbourne Jewish school sent pedophile teacher to Israel

JEWISH leaders who knew a teacher had admitted fondling young boys did not stop him associating with children in Israel after paying for his ticket to move there, the royal commission has heard.

Mobile molesters are a problem everywhere. We must stop passing the trash!


Pelkie said Lewis had a sexual relationship with the student, who was between 13- and 18-years-old, from March through May 2014. Lewis is also accused of taking pornographic photos of the student from May to October 2014.


The Prep School and the Predator

Koetters stayed on through the 2013 school year and was allowed to quietly leave to take a job in the English department at Polytechnic, a prep school in Pasadena. Marlborough told Polytechnic that the Mikaela business was an isolated incident.

This is why disciplinary actions need to be permanent on educators' records and disclosed to all potential educational employers.

Donna ISD looking for ways to deal with improper employee-student relations

Donna Independent School District board members held a special meeting Monday night to discuss ways in which the district can address recent allegations of inappropriate relations between employees and students at their schools.

Three different teachers in the same school. It is time to change the culture of our schools to one that does not tolerate unprofessional conduct, thus stopping predators before they molest children. 








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