In the News 2/3/15

Texas, Alabama highest in teacher-student sexual misconduct; is social media to blame?

I'm about we blame the predator? 100's of thousands of teachers use social media to improve the education of their students, not to destroy them. Let's place the responsibility squarely where it belongs...on the shoulders of sexual predators.


Bluffs math teacher accused of inappropriate relationship with student resigns

Dan McGinn, an assistant county attorney, said a teacher who fails to report alleged abuse of a minor by another teacher does not face any criminal consequences. Such a teacher, however, could face disciplinary action by their employer.

“There is no mandatory reporting law for teachers against teachers in Iowa,” he said. “It’s only for caretakers, and teachers aren’t considered caretakers.”

That is about to change in Utah... Reporting suspicions of sexual abuse is mandatory, not to mention just good common sense. 

Former Simsbury Student Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Teacher, School Board

According to the suit, in June 2013 Cohan, the student's Spanish teacher, "friended" him and a number of male students on Facebook. The student was a sophomore at the time, according to the lawsuit.

Please, parents...I'm begging you to know who your children's "friends" are. Be involved. Teach your children that they can come to will believe them and help them in whatever problem they find themselves in. Read the whole story. It is too upsetting to rewrite here. 

Fourth Lawsuit Charges Sex Abuse At Boarding School

Some wonder why it takes some long for these victims to come forward. Do you know that the AVERAGE sexual abuse victim takes 20 years to come forward? 

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