In the News 1/5/15

Jeffrey Epstein: from high school teacher to billionaire 'money man of mystery'

Self-made billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has made the tumultuous journey from high school teacher, to Wall Street investment banker, to friend of Nobel prize-winning scientists and a US president, to disgraced sex offender.


When teachers turn tormentors

The cases are neither gender specific nor school or class specific. Puja Pushkarna, a city-based clinical psychologist, said that she had a six-year old boy who came for counseling after being abused by a teacher at his school earlier this year. In another case, a girl was pushed to the brink of suicide. The experts said that they even get cases from reputed schools and institutes.

Balanced Approach Needed in Abuse of Authority Cases

"What is needed is a balanced, rational approach to these situations. Those who demand rigorous enforcement of the standards of these professions should neither be on witch hunts nor should they be castigated for their desire to right wrongs."

Aussie teacher faces child abuse prosecution

If this teacher is innocent, I hope he protected himself by maintaining professional standards in his practice. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to prove his innocence indeed...


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