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Vancouver teacher Stephanie McCrea's victim was 15-year-old student, court records say

Investigation records released Wednesday accuse Stephanie McCrea of having sex multiple times with a 15-year-old student at Evergreen High School, where she is a theater director and English teacher.

Clark County prosecutor Camara Banfield told Judge David Gregorson that McCrea had violated the trust of parents who allowed the 15-year-old victim to go to the movies with McCrea. Banfield said McCrea manipulated the student not to reveal the alleged sexual abuse with the threat of her own suicide.


Parents: Your teachers should have no interest of "hanging out" with your kids at the movies. And even if they do, you should not let them.

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Orland Park teacher charged with sex abuse of minor


ORLAND PARK, Ill. — Orland Park Police confirmed that Tuesday night they arrested 28-year-old Jeffrey Morowczynski of Orland Park and charged him with two counts of aggravated criminal sex abuse of a minor.

Music teacher charged with first-degree sexual assault in Beckley

This assault on a 5 year old could have easily been prevented if parents had sat in the room during piano lessons

Teacher-student boundaries blur with advent of social media

More female teachers are getting caught sexually abusing their students. I requested data from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. Vickie Chamberlain, the commission's executive director, shared these statistics with me:

Since spring of 2012, there were twelve cases involving women and boundary issues with students. Of the twelve, ten were accused of engaging in sexual misconduct; one was accused of supplying alcohol and marijuana to minors; one was accused of failing to report a friend engaging in sex with a minor (failure to report child abuse).

According to the commission, the average age of these women was 31.

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