In the News 12/31/14

Lawyer representing three in abuse claim against John Furlong withdraws from civil cases

It is absolutely CRITICAL that teachers be protected against false charges of sexual abuse. The withdrawal of this attorney from these cases implies that he is no longer certain that the plaintiffs have a case.



Judge to decide on competency exam for retired teacher charged in abuse case

A Michigan judge is being asked to decide Monday whether a 94-year-old former Winnetka teacher charged with molesting children should be evaluated for mental competency at jail or at his home, where he is receiving hospice care, according to his lawyer.


Lawyer Claims: Ex-Winnetka teacher accused of sex abuse is near death

Should it matter that a 94-year-old former Winnetka teacher charged with sexually abusing children decades ago is near death? Do the plaintiffs not still have the right to see justice brought to pass? Or should this man's former victims let sleeping dogs lie?


Alleged victim testifies in trial of former Calgary teacher

In the United States, we believe in "innocent until proven guilty".  It is imperative that teachers receive the proper training and support to help protect themselves against false charges. Are these educators guilty or innocent? At this point, only time will tell.


Tumbling Coach Charged With Sexual Abuse of Underage Prostitute


A year that exposed lack of safety of children at City schools

Schools had to grapple with the confusion of implementing two sets of guidelines with little explanation from both the departments. Consequently, the school managements lambasted the authorities over the lack of co-ordination among the departments. Not only did a number of points in the two sets of guidelines overlapped, but they were also very difficult to implement, the schools complained.



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