In the News 12/19/14


Ex-Shebbear teacher convicted of sex abuse

"Harris is a ‘manipulative, predatory sex offender’ and a ‘very dangerous’ abuser of children who had ‘groomed’ his victims in ruthless fashion."  Do you know how to recognize the grooming patterns of a molester?



Former Hutchins School student tells inquiry he was raped twice by French teacher

Sexual abuse is not biased.  It happens in public, private, charter and even home schools.  Teach your children how to recognize inappropriate behavior by adults and that they do not have to do what an adult says if it feels wrong. 


Howard Co. Teacher Indicted on Sex Abuse charges

Do your children know how to avoid predators?



Clifton High School teacher charged with sexual contact with a 17-year-old student


Judges side with teacher's victims in suit

"The district argued that the two girls’ families missed a legal deadline to file claims within the first six months of their abuse — and therefore the claims were not valid."  Obviously, this district does not understand the nature of sexual abuse of children.  To expect children to come forward within six months is not only unrealistic, but protects the abuser, rather than the abused.  There should be no statute of limitations for sexual abuse, as long as the claim can be proven in a court of law.  






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