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Ex-Utah teacher faces ANOTHER sexual assault charge as its revealed 'she had sex with student, 17, AFTER she was arrested for affairs with three teens

Is is sad to realize just how messed up some people are.  It does not make them evil, but it does mean they should NEVER be allowed to work with children...EVER again.


He was abused by a female teacher, but he was treated like the perpetrator

Growing evidence shows that boys who are sexually preyed upon by older female authority figures suffer psychologically in much the same way that girls do when victimized by older men. But in schools, courts and law offices, male victims are treated openly with a double standard, according to interviews with a dozen experts in law, psychology and social work.


Former Hun School Teacher Charged With Child Sexual Abuse Avoids Prison Time With Guilty Plea

Teachers that have more one-on-one time with students, such as coaches, choir and drama teachers, have higher rates of sexual abuse.  Do you know how to protect your children? If you are a you know how to protect yourself from wrongful allegations?



Ex-Stamford teacher embroiled in sex scandal arrested for allegedly threatening death upon accusers

"Danielle Watkins, 32, was arrested at her home in Norwalk on charges including criminal violation of a protective order. Sources close to the investigation say while in a Dunkin' Donuts in Stamford, Watkins encountered a now 17-year-old male that she had been accused of providing with marijuana. Instead of ignoring the teen, she berated him for ruining her career and pledged that she "will not rest until you and (the teen with whom she was convicted of having sex) are dead," according to attorney Devin Janosov, who represents the teenage victims in the case. The teen made a sworn written statement to police about the encounter, Janosov said.

"Janosov said after making the threatening remarks to the now 17 year old, Watkins also called the teenager with whom she was convicted of having an ongoing sexual relationship and made similar threats to that teen. That victim would not make a statement to police."

Can anyone tell my why a teacher who has threatened TWO of her accusers with DEATH has only a $25,000 bail bond?


State Education Department once cleared newly accused teacher of affair with his student

Teachers: if you were accused of sexually abusing or harrassing a student, would there be enough evidence to prove you innocent? Make sure of it and create good fences


Brooklyn School Turned Blind Eye To Sexually Abusive Teacher, Lawyer Alleges

It's important the school official learn to turn matters of suspicion over to police, relieving themselves of the burden of investigating something they have no expertise in, and taking proper precautions.


Montgomery overhauling approaches to school sex abuse allegations

"Superintendent Joshua P. Starr presented a six-priority set of recommendations to Montgomery’s school board, including proposals to create a code of conduct for district staff, expand background checks, add training and review employee files."

Excellent first steps...

David Lowe trial: Teacher charged with indecent assault 'bribed schoolboys with sweets'

There is always a gift involved. With small children, sweets may be enough. For older students, grades, attention, or even new clothes make the list...

Gloucestershire teacher, Isiah Young, found guilty of sexually touching two pupils

Following the case, acting Detective Sergeant, Di Blandford said: “It is particularly difficult for victims of sexual offences to come forward when the perpetrator is someone in a position of trust, as in this case."

Student Says Teacher Raped Her Across Desk

  The plaintiff says that five years earlier, the Miami Dade School Board received a complaint from a student alleging that Jansen had engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with her. The board lied to investigators, and allowed Jansen to remain in the school as a geometry teacher, she says.

And THIS is what's wrong with our system!

A religious studies teacher who had sex with a pupil walked free after sentencing

But she was also young and vulnerable, the judge said, and Kerner was in a position of trust: "The law demands that you are the responsible adult and that you show restraint, and we know that you failed to do so."

Former Subsitute Teacher Sentenced to 16 Years for Possessing Child Pornography



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