HB 177 Going Before Committee

Hello friends. 

As you may know, Ken is running a bill this year, in coordination with almost every organization in the state who deals with the criminal justice system, that is aimed to “improve the customer service” for victims throughout their dealing with that system. 
After coordinating with these several departments and organizations, it is apparent that there is much to be done. The bill this year will allow for a comprehensive survey and study to be done in the following year, from which guidelines and improvements can be made. 
This bill is going before the Law Enforcement Committee on Wednesday, the 31st of January, at 4:00pm in room 450 of the Capitol. I invite you all to do what you can to support this bill. If you can attend the committee hearing, there is a strong message sent through the sheer numbers of people interested in (or NOT interested) in a bill. 
Thank you for your ongoing support of all victims. You are helping them turn into Survivors. 
Here is a link to the Channel 4 story done last week on the upcoming bill: http://www.good4utah.com/news/local-news/lawmakers-aim-to-help-trauma-victims-through-justice-system/920416501

Utah woman sues prosecutor — now a federal judge — alleging he sexually abused her in 1981

Terry_Mitchell.jpgTHIS, my friends, is EXACTLY why we worked SO HARD to pass HB279. Thank you to all Utah Legislators who voted in favor of allowing all past victims of childhood sexual abuse to file civil claims against their abuser until they are age 53, or for a three year window if they are already 53. Not only does it allow them the opportunity to see financial redress, but even more importantly, it allows them to get to court and let the world know who among us is still free to abuse. 


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HB175 Should Help Protect Future Kids, Teachers and Districts

pic.jpgNothing saddens me more than to see that more children have been molested, sentencing them to a lifetime of recovery as they strive to deal with the situations they have been forced into by adults they should have been able to trust. One of today's headlines brings one of these stories to light.

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In the News 3/20/15

Young Accuser Says She Tried to Fight Back Against Teacher Accused of Rape

In fourth grade, the teen said the abuse escalated. She claimed Rausenberg would pull her into his classroom, have her sit on his lap, fondle the girl and have her fondle him. The accuser said it continued into the fifth grade and that at times Rausenberg videotaped the abuse with a camera on his desk.

But then the girl said she fought back. She told police she took the camera from his desk and left a note saying, "... she knows what he is doing is wrong, that she took his camera and would report him to the police if it continued..." according to the affidavit.

It also says Rausenberg got the accuser's sister, who was in high school, out of class and forced her to take him to their home where he demanded to get the camera back.


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In the News 2/21/15

Music teacher jailed for 'exceptionally serious' sex attacks

Pickett - who worked at Guildhall School of Music and Drama for over 25 years - lured his victims to sound-proofed music rooms where no one could hear their cries, the Old Bailey heard.


Ex-Guildhall School of Music teacher jailed for raping two pupils

A former teacher at the renowned Guildhall School of Music has been jailed for raping two pupils more that 30 years after the mother of one victim first reported him.

One of the girls sexually assaulted by Pickett complained to her mother in 1984 and she wrote to the principal at the Guildhall, but no further action was taken, the Old Bailey heard.

Instead of reporting the teacher to the police, the girl was told to find another school, the court heard.


For more information on this case, click HERE.

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In the News 2/19/15

School districts screen substitute teachers carefully

Idaho Fall School District reports that rigorous pre-hire screening of all substitute teachers, including fingerprinting and background checks, are conducted, but nothing about substitute teacher Paul E. “Rick” Landon sent up any red flags.

Landon was arrested last week and charged with four counts of sexual abuse of a minor under 16. He has no prior criminal history and easily passed the background check, said school district communications director Margaret Wimborne.


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In the News 2/4/15

Melbourne Jewish school sent pedophile teacher to Israel

JEWISH leaders who knew a teacher had admitted fondling young boys did not stop him associating with children in Israel after paying for his ticket to move there, the royal commission has heard.

Mobile molesters are a problem everywhere. We must stop passing the trash!


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In the News 2/3/15

Texas, Alabama highest in teacher-student sexual misconduct; is social media to blame?

I'm sorry...how about we blame the predator? 100's of thousands of teachers use social media to improve the education of their students, not to destroy them. Let's place the responsibility squarely where it belongs...on the shoulders of sexual predators.


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In the News 1/30/15

Keeping sex out of education: Local schools seek ways to stop abuse of students

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by state police, investigation found that communication allegedly was conducted via telephone, voice and text messages. A short video and images allegedly were sent through text messaging, authorities said in court papers. 


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In the News 1/29/15

Vancouver teacher Stephanie McCrea's victim was 15-year-old student, court records say

Investigation records released Wednesday accuse Stephanie McCrea of having sex multiple times with a 15-year-old student at Evergreen High School, where she is a theater director and English teacher.

Clark County prosecutor Camara Banfield told Judge David Gregorson that McCrea had violated the trust of parents who allowed the 15-year-old victim to go to the movies with McCrea. Banfield said McCrea manipulated the student not to reveal the alleged sexual abuse with the threat of her own suicide.


Parents: Your teachers should have no interest of "hanging out" with your kids at the movies. And even if they do, you should not let them.

More on this story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2930137/Married-theater-teacher-35-sex-student-school.html


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