Does abuse really happen in my town?

I am always amazed when I run into someone who believes that sexual abuse is a pretty rare problem.  I'm sure my viewpoint has been shaped by my own experience in the dark world of the abused.  Not only do I have my own experiences as proof that this is indeed a current problem, but I have people who come out everyday and share with me their own stories, or the experiences of someone they love.  

This page is a place for survivors to have a voice.  Their stories will be shared as they worded them, though the content will be edited before publishing to avoid giving details that would be unnecessarily disturbing to readers.  Some will use their name.  Many will remain anonymous.  But all are very, very real.  Not all will have happened within the educational system, but we feel it is still valuable to share their experiences here.  Why?  To help educate families on how to keep their children safe from sexual predators, regardless of where they find themselves.

My only request of you is that you read these accounts carefully and without judgement.  You may not understand why a victim could not have spoken up, or stopped their abuse.  But remember that children are not adults.  They do not think like adults.  They do not have the power of adults.  And those are the very things that require us to make sure that they are placed in safe situations, and kept far from the edge of the cliffs of abuse.  

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