I Had a Dream - HB279 Seeking to Protect Victims for the Next TWENTY Years

I had a dream. If you know me, this won't shock you at all. I'm one of those people who dreams the minute their eyes are closed and remembers them pretty much daily. But this dream was different. This dream was one of those that actually grabs your heart, and you know it means something. You know why you had it. And you wish that others could have been there. 

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700 Sundays...and Counting...

This is a story that ran on Boston.com this week that shows the importance of community support for victims of sexual abuse. Although this story focuses on the existing problems in the Catholic Church, this problem is not isolated to any one religion or institution. It is a global problem, affecting 1 of 4 girls and 1 of 6 boys. That means that on average, 1 out of every 5 of us has been sexually abused. That number is not only horrifying, but completely unacceptable. Only when society as a whole stands up and refuses to allow these abuses to occur, will we find the statistics improving, along with the lives of our citizens. 

Becky Ivory
Pres. of A Most Sacred Trust

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Mercy v. Justice

Tuesday, I asked everyone to send a letter to the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole to ask that they not pardon a convicted abuser of her abuse of a student 20 years ago. Today, I decided to go to her hearing myself, in the hopes that I could shed some light on the unintended consequences that could come about through such a pardon. I knew it would likely be a difficult thing to do. What I didn't expect was that my heart would be touched and that I would find myself hoping that she might consider using her story to help us educate others.


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Into the Light

Believe it or not, I've gone from being ashamed of being a victim of childhood sexual abuse, to being grateful to be included among the survivors of such a past. The survivors that I know are amazing, compassionate, intelligent people. I'm thankful to call them my friends. I'm thankful for the many people who are willing to come forward and simply say, "I, too, am a survivor", and in so doing, give more people courage to move from being victims to survivors as well. 

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It's Never "Just One"

Not many years ago, I was one of those people who happily kept her head in the sand when it came to politics. I didn't understand it, and frankly...didn't want to. It just seemed like a lot of people who had control over me and my community and there was nothing I could do about it. I had no idea how the process worked and felt better just generally staying out of that realm. Then I married Ken. Little did I know what I was in for. Ken is never afraid to get involved and knows that one person really can make a difference. And even if he couldn't, he'd rather die trying than to sit back and watch our country go downhill. 

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With Liberty and Justice for All

How many times have you stood, hand over heart, and recited our Pledge of Allegiance? The phrase, "with liberty and justice for all" is one of my favorite lines in our beautiful pledge, but for several years, I wondered if victims of child sexual abuse would ever be given such justice.

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The "Gift" that Keeps on Giving

The testifying has begun as HB277  and HB345 has been working their way through the beginnings of the legislative process in the Utah House of Representatives. I knew it would be stressful and liberating...but I am learning more about myself and the fears that still exist behind the confident exterior.

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HB 277 Presented Before Committee

Yesterday I had the opportunity to testify in front of a Committee at the Utah Legislature and express my opinion on why Utah's Civil Statute of Limitations concerning Child Sexual Abuse cases is among the worst in the nation. 


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A Call to Ban "The Boy Next Door"

While talking with a friend who was sexually abused by an educator as I was, I learned of a movie recently released by Hollywood that literally makes my stomach turn. 

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New Legislation in UT

Last year, a wonderful bill was passed in the Utah Legislature, sponsored by Representative Angela Romero. HB286 "Child Sexual Abuse Prevention" adopts some of the recommendations of Illinois' Erin's Law Task Force.

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